World Organization and Hierarchy

Few people take up a new job or join an organization without first finding out who is in charge of the outfit, who guides its operations, who draws its plans and who sets the agenda. But most, if not all of us, apparently do not think it at all strange that we have set upon this journey called life and joined the community of humans on this planet without the slightest idea if there is any single person or group in charge of it all or somebody who plans and guides the destiny of this planet and its inhabitants.

Though many may believe in some vague idea of a single God or a Trinity who is the 'boss' so to speak, few realize that there is a complex organization not unlike the one found in a modern corporation or state, with departments and reporting structures, that guide the progress of this world. Quite unlike a corporation or a government, however, this organization is neither a dictatorship nor a democracy but a benevolent Hierarchy of appointed individuals who guide and influence the destiny of the planet according to the plan and will of the higher 'God'. They do this by sending their close disciples and followers into the world and influencing and guiding these leaders of men to manage the evolution of the world and its inhabitants without ever infringing on the free will of human beings.

Though this information has been known since ancient times by small groups and often preserved in obscure texts in some sort of coded form, it has been available to us freely in plain understandable language for only about a hundred years. It is high time more people became aware of it. So, here then for your perusal is the current organization of the planetary system (in as much detail and accuracy as I understand it):

The Lord of the World

This is probably the person Jesus was referring to when he talked about the 'Father'. This individual is the closest to what we may consider to be a 'God' in our planetary system (though he is not the God). Though He may be considered to be the 'Father', all three aspects of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) are found in Him. In the east, He is known as Sanat Kumara (or the Eternal Youth) and is worshipped (mainly in Southern India) as Karthikeya or Subramanyam. Together with the other Kumaras, He has been overseeing and managing the development of the planet and its inhabitants for millions of years. He does this mainly through the three departments on earth. He himself cannot be physically present on earth, though His energies are constantly influencing it and He is aware of everything on it. As far as the earth system is concerned, He can be said to be omnipresent and omniscient, but possibly not omnipotent, since He always acts within certain laws - two important ones - the Law of Karma and that of maintaining human free will.

It should be noted that the Lord of the World is also evolving and advancing spiritually just like us, ordinary human beings. One source gives His current 'point of evolution' (PoE) as 9 (I believe it is probably higher. This scale or the number of initiations taken by an individual is described elsewhere on this site). Whatever His current level, it is said that Sanat Kumara will at some point be taking another major initiation himself. His making 'the grade' depends quite a bit on those beings which are in His care - mainly all of humanity.

Note: This world view should not be confused with polytheism. This is more like panentheism with a twist - there is a hierarchy of many, individual, distinct 'Gods' which are all essentially part of a higher 'God'. The ultimate Godhead is unknowable and impersonal, but the divine spirit within each of us, is ultimately identical to that of the 'Gods'.

The Divine Mother (or Feminine Nature of God)

From the above chart, it may appear that the Hierarchy is all male and very much depicts a Patriarchal system. This is very far from the truth, so I am belatedly adding this section about the Goddess (6/2002). All the members of the Hierarchy when not in incarnation have no gender, though they may appear to be male to humans (if we are lucky enough to come across them in dreams or while 'travelling astrally'). Legend says that Sanat Kumara if seen by humans would look like a young, golden boy or a 'virgin' male (a Kumara). However neither the Kumaras or the various beings above them are male or female.

While the Will aspect of God is considered a male principle or the 'Father', the Creator aspect is considered the female principle or the 'Mother'. Brahma or the Holy Spirit may be of neuter gender outside of time and space, but when the Holy Spirit enters matter, it manifests itself as the Divine Mother. This is the reason why there is only one temple in all of India dedicated to Brahma while there are millions of temples dedicated to the Goddess or Devi. The Christian Church has completely misunderstood, or forgotten (or deliberately suppressed) the feminine nature of the Holy Spirit. (Also note that Hindu elemental Gods like Hanuman and Ganesh are also manifestations of the energies of the Holy Spirit.)

And more than any other male aspect of God, it is the Divine Mother who rules the planet. While Shiva, the Father 'wills', it is his Shakti which 'acts'. As Durga she protects, as Laxmi she provides, as Saraswati she teaches, as Kali she transforms and liberates. While the Father, the loving, is distant and unapproachable, the Mother is always available and care giving. The only way to the Father is through the Son. And the Son is scheduled to arrive and be physically among us, momentarily - much sooner than you can believe.

The Buddha

He was the one who incarnated as Gautama Buddha. His main task currently is to act as a liaison between Shambala and the Hierarchy, transmitting energies from Sanat Kumara to the Christ. The Buddha's current PoE is supposed to be 8.

It may be appropriate, while reading material such as this, to remember the words of the Buddha -

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it - even if I have said it - unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."

Sathya Sai Baba (The Cosmic Avatar)

Since the Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, cannot be physically present on earth (it would not be safe for us or other living things), he periodically calls in other beings from outside the planetary system to take birth on earth and act in his place. Such beings are called Cosmic Avatars or Cosmic Christs (there may be more than one present at any given time in history).

Though there definitely more than one Cosmic Avatar on earth at the current time, Sai Baba is undoubtedly the main one, another one is Shri Ganapati Sachchidananda (one more Premananda has recently passed away). The Cosmic Avatar's duties are similar to that of the Planetary Christ - the spiritual development of humanity. One of the main tasks that Sai Baba has set for himself appears to be the revival and reformation of Hinduism (though he does preach the unity of all religions). For some reason (which is not entirely clear to me) most, if not all, Cosmic Avatars are born on Indian soil (though they may spend much of their active lives outside it, for instance Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Vivekananda). This maybe because in India they can remain vegetarians from birth. (Planetary Avatars on the other hand are born in different countries depending on the need at the time of their incarnation.)

Other examples of past Cosmic Avatars are Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Ramana Maharshi, Ananda Mayi Ma and Shirdi Sai Baba. Among the various names on the chart above, Sai Baba is the one person (at this time) who can be seen by anyone who cares to visit him. He lives in one of his ashrams in India and has thousands (if not millions) of followers.

An update (9/2001): a new phenomenon has been reported recently - new avatars who resemble and work very much like Sai Baba are being born all over the world. One named Ananda Baba is in Argentina, Swami Roberto in Italy, one in the Netherlands (less than 2 years old), one in Australia, two in India - Bala Sai Baba and Kaleshwar Swami. These men are close disciples of Sai Baba, though they themselves may not confirm it. It is said that eventually there will be 12 of these "Sai Babas" working as proxies all over the world, helping to usher in the 'New Age'.

Female avatars currently living, are possibly Karunamayi Ma and Mata Amritanandamayi - Ammachi .

Update (4/2011): I have to report the sad news that Sathya Sai Baba died recently at the age of 85. This is really unfortunate for the world, since Avatars like Sai Baba, by incarnating in a physical form, anchor 'good' on the physical plane, reducing the influence of 'evil' or the Dark Forces on humanity.

Update (12/2015): Sathya Sai Baba is apparently now appearing to his disciples in his astral body. Actually only one of his disciples can see him and hear him speak, but the rest in the audience can feel his energy. However, since he is now in his 'subtle' body, he can travel all over world, much more easily. Go here for more info. Here is a mesage from Sai Baba especially for Americans:

Maitreya - The Christ (The Planetary Avatar)

This is the World Teacher who periodically (approximately every 2160 years) incarnates on earth usually by overshadowing a disciple to guide his people (he is the leader of all humanity) spiritually. His last incarnation was as Jesus Christ, whom he overshadowed for three years from the Baptism to the Crucifixion, 2000 years ago (previous ones are Krishna, Rama, Mithra etc). His next coming is due any time now (This event has nothing to do with the end of the world, armageddon or any such stories - remember the words of the Buddha). According to Benjamin Creme, this time he will come as himself - instead of overshadowing a disciple. The main tasks of the Christ once he returns, would be to help us eliminate hunger in the world and  establish justice and peace. Unfortunately, he can not return openly in public until humanity is ready to receive him (to a certain degree). .

The Avatars of the last few Ages and the beings who 'overshadowed' or acted through them:
AgeAvatar of the AgePoint of Evolution(PoE) at the time of Incarnation
(will be higher now)
Overshadowed By/ Vehicle forPoE of Overshadower at that time
Gemini - 6900 BC to 4700 BCRama (with Laxman as the Gemini twin)4.0Hercules???(6 or 7)
Taurus - 4700 BC to 2500 BCMithra???
(probably 4)
The Buddha???(6 or 7)
Aries - 2500 BC to 300 BCKrishna5.0Maitreya6.0
Pisces - 300 BC to 1900 ADJesus4.0Maitreya6.0
Aquarius - 1900 AD to 4172 ADMaitreya7.0The Avatar of Peace and
The Avatar of Synthesis
Both probably over 9

As can be seen from the above table, the Avatar of the current age is Maitreya himself and His will be the most powerful and life changing Avatar the world has ever seen. Almost all religions now expect the return of their awaited Teacher, Maitreya is the same as the Christ expected by Christians, Moshiach expected by the Jews, Maitreya the fifth Buddha expected by Buddhists (they have the name right), Kalki as expected by the Hindus, or the Imam Mahdi expected by the Muslims. According to Creme, Maitreya is already here and just awaiting the right moment to emerge openly in the world. A blessing from him can be received from this picture : .
Once Maitreya, the World Teacher, emerges openly amongst men, He will soon be followed (maybe within a few months) by the return and emergence of Jesus - exactly as prophesied by the Muslims regarding the return of the Mahdi.

Incidentally, I always a little surprised that many take this news of the imminent reappearance of the Christ so casually or even with indifference. It is as if a lost orphan is told that his Elder brother, whom he has never met, has come to take him back to see his Father and the orphan says that he couldn't be bothered because he is too busy playing the game of life. I personally think the timing of this Event is at most 3 years away, very likely less (this written Dec'07). This is a message of hope and joy especially with all the problems in the world today. Incidentally, Maitreya's priorities as communicated thru Creme are - adequate food for everyone on earth (especially in the third world), adequate shelter for everyone, adequate health care for everyone and universal education - religion is not the first thing on his agenda. He will not be preaching any new religion, but will be teaching us about the importance of the principle of sharing and about correct human relationships.

Just to explain the process of overshadowing and avatarhood - when it is time for a major Avatar to appear, a spiritually advanced human being is chosen and then a member of the Hierarchy (often the Bodhisattva himself) takes over his body for part of his life (with the person's consent). During this time of overshadowing, both the persons occupy the body, their minds are as one. The Avatar is therefore both of them together - the advanced human being and the overshadowing Master. In the case of the new Avatar of Aquarius - Maitreya will come as himsslf (in a self-created body) and He will be overshadowed by even greater entities - the Avatars of Peace and Synthesis.

Note: There have also been some other great Avatars like Gautama Buddha, Adi Shankaracharya, Lao Tse, Confucius, Zoroaster [Zarathustra], but these have come as part of a different astrological cycle.

The Emergence (Update - Feb'09): It now seems clear that 2009 will be the year when Maitreya finally emerges openly into the world. He will not immediately identify himself as the Christ or even give his name as Maitreya. He will start by giving interviews and talks on the problems of the world (especially the economic and political ones) and possible solutions to these problems and encourage listeners to identify with humanity as a whole and overlook any differences because of nationality, religion or race. He will initially come as a ordinary man of South Asian descent, very likely as a Muslim. Only after a majority in the world show willingness to listen to His message and follow His advice, will He declare Himself as the expected One, the Christ Maitreya. This is the most likely and best possible scenario, however these plans are always subject to change due to the need to counteract the actions of the dark forces which constantly work to thwart the plans of the Hierarchy.

The Star : Just as the Star of Bethlehem appeared in the sky when Jesus was born, to herald the coming of Jesus, the Christ, a new star has recently appeared in the skies to herald the coming of Maitreya, the Christ. Just like the star of Bethlehem, this is not actually a star (even the Masters cannot create a star out of thin air) but a spaceship (or an UFO - see more about them here). Actually, there are four spaceships currently placed around the world, so that the 'star' can be observed simultaneously by everyone during the day or night (to signify the global nature of this Avatar). The star can be observed by most people in the west or north west direction at night. It is low in the sky, but very bright and changes colors. You can see photos here.

Latest News (Jan'10):
Share International has just announced that Maitreya, the Christ has indeed appeared on a American television show sometime in the last weeks of 2009 or first two weeks of 2010 and given his first interview. Please visit their website for more information. Here is Benjamin Creme describing this momentous event at a recent lecture: <>
Since the first interview, Maitreya (according to Benjamin Creme) has appeared on American TV five other times. He appeared as an ordinary man and " spoke earnestly of the need for peace, achievable only through the creation of justice and the sharing of the world’s resources".

Some of the consequences of Maitreya's open presence in the world:

Note that the consequences above are the natural result of the Christ's presence in the world. They are a result of the energy of Love that emanates from Him - not actually caused by some specific act of will or power on His part.

The initial television appearance in the U.S. will be followed by more TV interviews in the US, Japan, Europe and elsewhere. Within a year or at most two years, Maitreya will be well known and accepted by a majority of the people of the world (or so it is hoped). When a majority of the people of world are ready to accept and listen to His words, Maitreya, the Christ will declare Himself as such. On the Day of Declaration Maitreya will communicate to each adult person on earth telepathically in their own language. He will talk about the brotherhood of men, the need for peace, justice and right relationships and how this can be achieved through the sharing of the resources of the world. Humanity will then no doubt respond to His call for justice, sharing, peace and unity among men.

The Trans-Himalayan Lodge or the Masters of Wisdom (The Maha Gurus)

After a human being has gone thousands of incarnations, it eventually achieves a state of relative perfection, such that it no longer needs to incarnate physically on earth. The person is now free to choose its path of further development within the solar system or outside it. Luckily for the rest of us, some of these perfected beings choose to remain on earth and look after the further evolution of life on the planet.

There are 63 such Masters of Wisdom with the World Teacher (currently Maitreya) as their leader making it 64. Since the battle between the Dark Forces and the Forces of Light millions of years ago, these Masters have done their work behind the scenes, out of sight of humanity. According to Creme, human beings are finally developed enough now, for the Masters to come out and work openly amongst them. (Apparently, the Masters are required to do so as part of their own evolution). This phenomenon has been called by Bailey - "The Externalization of the Hierarchy".

One of the ways to hasten the emergence of the Christ and the Masters (assuming that is your wish), so that they can help us create a better world, is to recite the Great Invocation. This invokes the Christ energy and facilitates the 'externalization' of not only the Christ but also many of the Masters. This invocation should be recited once every day, preferably aloud

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth

- pause -
From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

- pause -
From the Centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men -
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.
- pause -
From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

- pause -
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth

The South Indian Lodge

It is named so as to distinguish it from the previous (trans-himalayan) lodge, but the name is misleading since its members are from all parts of India, not just from the south. It also does not mean that the members of the previous lodge are non-Indians - two of the senior Masters of that Lodge - Master M.(the future Manu) and Master K.H.(the future World Teacher), were Indians in their last incarnation. In fact, some of the leaders of the South Indian Lodge are also fully realized, perfected Masters who do not need to incarnate any more. However, this lodge has many other teachers who may not yet be fully realized Masters, but are all the same highly accomplished and developed in their own field of endeavor - most often a specific type of yoga.

The members of this lodge, unlike the occult (hidden) Masters of the Trans-Himalayan lodge, openly spread their teachings in India as well as the rest of the world. Their teachings usually consist of Hindu philosophy and practice of different types of yoga (kriya, laya, kundalini yoga etc). The initiation of new disciples may be done by shaktipat (the guru's touch) or just with the teaching of a mantra. Members of this lodge are well known with each having their own lineage - the TM group founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Siddha Yoga group by Swami Muktananda, the Divine Life Society founded by Swami Sivananda Saraswati, the Dhyanayoga Centers founded by Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas, including some newer ones - Art of Living Foundation (Shri Ravi Shankar), Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam (Paramhansa Nityananda), the Oneness Movement (Bhagavan Kalki).

Disciples and Probationers

Individuals cannot become disciples by merely deciding to be so. They have to be accepted as disciples by one of the masters, once they have evolved to a certain stage spiritually and are ready for discipleship. Disciples are also of different grades depending on how long (how many lifetimes) they have been on the Path and how far they have progressed. Disciples, while they are living ordinary lives as humans, are not conscious of their connection to the hierarchy or the part they are playing in its plan.

Though all disciples are not necessarily leaders, many of the persons in a leadership position in the world at large, those who working for the good of their fellowmen, are disciples. Disciples who are politicians, industrialists, military leaders  and administrators of large private or public enterprises, work under the masters in the Manu's department. Disciples who are spiritual leaders, educators etc belong similarly to the 'ashrams' of the Bodhisattva. Disciples who are scientists, technologists, artists, musicians, poets, doctors follow the masters in the Mahachohan's department. Needless to say,  all leaders, especially those who are working for narrow, selfish ends, instilling fear in people or promoting violence or division among different people, are not usually disciples. Also, many disciples serve in obscurity (service to his/her fellowmen appears to be the main attribute of a disciple). Disciples are not perfect (even the Masters are not considered infallible) and may bungle their chosen task in life or achieve undesired or unexpected results from their work.

Probationers are individuals who wish to become disciples and are preparing for it. Again they are not consciously aware of their status as persons on the probationary path in their day to day life.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where have the Masters been all these years? How come no one has heard of them before?

Actually there have indeed been a few select people who have known about the Masters and have had contact with them - these few have often either written or spoken about their encounters. However, the Masters have remained in seclusion and hidden from most of humanity for a long time now. There was a time - maybe about a hundred thousand years ago, when the Masters lived and worked openly amongst ordinary men. Many human beings in that period started getting involved with dark and evil practices and following the forces of darkness. There was then a great battle on earth between the forces of light (i.e. the Masters of Wisdom) and the forces of darkness. Though the forces of darkness were ultimately defeated (but not completely destroyed) by the forces of light, the Masters had to leave the every day world and become 'occult' or hidden.

There appear to have been two reasons for this - humanity had not been entirely cured of its attraction towards the dark side. Hence, living amongst ordinary men was no longer suitable for the Masters - maybe even Their great purity could have been in the danger of being contaminated by the moral ambiguity of the vast majority of humans. The second and more important reason was that humanity had not yet made a clear choice between light and darkness. The presence of the Masters would have interfered with and infringed on the free will of human beings to make such a choice - and the Law of Human Free Will is for the Masters, sacrosanct.

What's the proof? Why is there no 'scientific', verifiable evidence?

There is actually no proof or scientific evidence for any of the information on this page. There are of courses signs of miraculous happenings available for those who need such signs. But there is very little that can be scientifically tested. One major miracle was that of the images of Hindu gods drinking milk for four days in 1995. This again can not be tested because it happened in the past and no longer occurs (though there are videos available). Scientists have offered many 'natural' explanations - capillary effect, osmosis etc - but the miraculous part is that none of them can recreate the phenomenon in a similar manner as observed by thousands in those four days.

However, the main reason why there is no scientific proof is because the existence of such a proof is not permitted by Divine Law. The problem is that as soon as there is concrete scientific proof of the existence of God (or the Masters), the Free Will of humans to choose between good and evil without interference and without any compulsion goes out the door. The certain, verifiable knowledge of the existence of God, will automatically put some pressure on humans to choose good over evil - the choice then will no longer be a 'Free' one. Hence any irrefutable proof is forbidden. The only thing possible is personal experience of the miraculous or the sublime that can convince you in your heart, but still leave some ambiguity or doubt in say a court of law.

Even after the emergence of the Christ, there will be no concrete proof offered of His Divinity (though there will be plenty of miraculous occurences). It is up to each human being to recognize Him for it what He is - the Spiritual Leader of all men - the Guru of all Gurus.

Why India? Why so many Indians?

Why not that many Chinese, for instance? This explanation is some speculation on my part (sources for the rest of the information are given below), but I believe the explanation to be largely correct. We are currently living in the Aryan age (not really the same as the perverse Nazi idea or that of today's white supremacists).

The Chinese civilization is a much older civilization than the Indian one (though to hear some Indians talk, theirs has been around for ever). The Chinese, Korean and Japanese civilizations though very advanced and ancient, are actually pre-Aryan in nature (The Semites are pre-Aryan also). I have no doubt at all that in that older age, most if not all Avatars and teachers were Chinese or Semitic.

However, India is the original Aryan country and has been specially prepared by the Manu to give birth to and sustain the rituals, culture and teachings of the current Aryan age. The teachings of all the different Avatars have been maintained here from the beginning of the age without a break (The Mithra teachings were destroyed by the Christians and the Zoroastrian teachings were destroyed by the Muslims - but luckily still preserved, again in India).

Though, with the coming of Jesus, the focus of Aryan civilization has moved westwards towards Europe, and with the coming of Maitreya will move further west probably towards Northern America, at least for the duration of the Aryan Age (we are about 70% through it) spirituality in the world will be anchored in India (hard to believe when you visit the place and see the filth and squalor - one big, awful mess, really). When this is understood by more people, India will be a place of pilgrimage for most of the world's people (it is so for many today). Interesting note: Though Maitreya is based in London and works all over the world from that center, He also has an ashram in Mysore, India and is Himself also located there (in a certain way).

Sources: This material (including major portions of the chart) has been gleaned from teachings and publications of the Theosophical Society, the Arcane School (Lucis Trust) and Share International. You can read further details about the hierarchy at AtmaNet.

Just for good measure, let me repeat the admonishment of the Buddha -

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it - even if I have said it - unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense."

Note that he does not say disbelieve everything that you have not seen (though personal experience may the best 'proof'). I would like to add (if I am so permitted): Besides reason, also use your instinct and intuition, and do not mistake loyalty towards or familiarity with past beliefs- religious or secular, for 'common sense'.

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